…a personal and workplace effectiveness training guaranteed to double employees’ performance and productivity.

“There are  no unproductive persons, only unproductive states”.  This is one of the principles upon which The FOCUS CODE ® Training is hinged.  Another fact is that High Performance is a science and when it is understood, anybody can become a High Performer.

What is The FOCUS CODE ® Training

The FOCUS CODE® Training is a 5 module course where we break down the science of performance, empowering participants become High Performers.


What does The FOCUS CODE ® Training teach?

  • How to differentiate between routine and project based tasks, know where they belong in the task quadrants  so as to focus essentially on high rewarding activities
  • How to unpack time and design a personal Performance Dashboard
  • How to define self in light of personal performance level and create a desired Performance Identity
  • Build congruence and alignment between personal goals and organization goals
  • Resolve internal conflict and perpetually be in a productive state

For an individual to become super productive, he must:

  • Gain FREEDOM from old negative experiences and comments that has created limiting beliefs, negative thoughts about the work and the workplace, distractions & unproductive tasks.
  • ORGANISE his tasks within available time by designing a Performance Dashboard
  • CULTURE/CULTIVATE himself to become the kind of person that can produce desired results by expanding his Boundary of Realities and defining his Performance Identity
  • Seek clarity by UNDERSTANDing Personal System, Performance System and Organizational systems.
  • Must perpetually be in a resourceful STATE.


…a leadership development training for teams leads, supervisors and managers

“What makes a leader is not the position he occupies but  the skills and competencies he possess – both technical and soft. While some of your employees have risen to a position of leadership  based on demonstrated technical skills, it is important they are equipped with soft skills required in making them  High Performance Leaders.

The High Performance Leader is  a ‘Managerial Leader’ – someone who seeks to achieve organizational set goals by developing people and building them into teams. He understands that the best way to gain influence and drive performance is by first impacting his people positively and committing to their personal development. He is effective and efficient.